Borgus: What’s In A Name? The Meaning of It All! Missouri Borgus, A Georgia Peach A Seed Out Of Africa

Georgia On My Mind: Milledgeville's Borgus & Lewis Family

A Descendant’s Journey
As I reflect on the status of my blog Georgia On My Mind: Milledgeville’s Borgus & Lewis Family: A Descendant’s Journey- Reeves, Duval, Jones, Arnold, Huff
BORGUS: What’s In A Name? January 6, 2014,
What’s In A Name? Continuation on Corrine Borgus, January 14, 2014

I think about the journey as a descendant of these various family names and the intersecting paths that have contributed to my being who I am and whose I am! Coming up with the topic line “Georgia On My Mind” was not difficult considering that both of my paternal grandparents (Orian Ulysses Lewis and Fleta Arnold Lewis) and their ancestors, going back three and four generations, are all documented in Georgia particularly in the Eatonton Opposition, Putnam County, Baldwin County Milledgeville, Georgia as noted in the 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 census. I make no reference to the 1890 census…

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6 thoughts on “Borgus: What’s In A Name? The Meaning of It All! Missouri Borgus, A Georgia Peach A Seed Out Of Africa

  1. Love reading about Corrine. It’s all so interesting. Keep up the Good Work Val! Here’s hoping that more Descendents will reach out. Until next time….

  2. Thank you True! Your encouragement is welcomed. I need some help with tech stuff. I Am noticing folk had covered the Intellectual Property of their online dat blogs. I need to di this but do not know how. Also wanted to paste the actual census in blog but did not know how..You and Luckie and Bernita and others will have to

    1. Sorry True for the way my last reply ended. Had emergency call re situation in Howard County Maryland had a young cousin who works in that mall but grace upon grace family is safe. Now will need instruction on how to post technical things such as copyright of a Intellectual Property etc.

      1. My family comes from the same area of Eatonton, Georgia. My last name is Abrams. I have been researching my family for about ten years. There are many Abrams families in this area. I have been trying to find someone who could help learn if we are related.

      2. Hello Leroy I sent you an email to your email please send me the information that you have re the names and I will see where they may be a connection. Good to hear from you.

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