About Valerie

Lewis and Borgus are my family names from my father and paternal grand father. I am the oldest grandchild on both sides. A family of girls so the family name of Lewis is going quickly into the Archives. Borgus (Abraham/Abram and Winkfield)and Lewis out of Putnam and Baldwin Counties Milledgeville Georgia. As well to be determined Cummings and Walker.
I know the least of this family line than any of my other lines such as my father’s mother’s family names of Huff, Arnold, Jones, Duval, Reeves/Reaves also from Putnam and Baldwin Counties of Milledgeville, Georgia. I aim to rectify that. My surnames from my maternal line of my Mom’s father also full of intrigue Livingstone, McQueary/Querry/Queary, Sanders, Maxwell, Morris from Mecklenburg County, Charlotte, North Carolina. Yet it is the family names of my maternal Griot grandmother Rachel Rivers (Livingstone) and her Gullah Geechie Roots that provide me with the extended narrative and history. Jones, Wigfall, Bennett, Rivers, Broughton Out of Eutahville/Berkeley County Charleston, South Carolina.

6 thoughts on “About Valerie

    1. Sorry for the delay. I was on Sabbatical from blogging. I was working on my research and writing my thesis for my Doctorate. I finished 2 years ago. I needed a rest. Now I am back.

  1. Today I finally posted on my ancestors from South Carolina. My mom’s family. A little bit of a shift from Georgia Peach Cobbler to South Carolina Okra Gumbo, Rice and Corn Bread and of Course Sweet Potatoes Yams.

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